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return of the emo chick - 47%, FOH

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graduate school

January 12th, 2010

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12:53 am - return of the emo chick
ok--so i dont like this anymore than you do....but i need to put this down before i go crazy again.

he said we were getting back together.
then he slept with his ex girlfriend.
the freshman is trying to get hot and heavy.
he doesnt seem to be able to shake her.
hes obviously flattered to be getting so much attention.
i love him and he loves me.
he agreed to try getting back together again.
he said it has to be SLOWLY.
he hangs out with the freshman as much as me.
i find that i do all the instigating.
is this all a way for him to put this off for 4 months?

what should i do?

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