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mystery google!! - 47%, FOH

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graduate school

January 27th, 2010

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11:55 pm - mystery google!!
I can't remember if I have posted about this before, but if so it is worth posting again! MYSTERY GOOGLE is fantastic little google app that brings up the last thing searched for in the regular google regardless of your query. may sound pointless but I think there are 2 pretty awesome things about it.

1) Mystery google quests. Someone types a command into google--"tell someone you love them". Someone mystery google searches and gets that result...then they do it! Presto--instant game is born. I have gotten some pretty absurb quests through mystery google and some are downright creepy--like "call this number and ask from x"...but i feel a romantic comedy coming on.....

2) It provides really interesting look into what the average person is thinking about/working on/affected by. It would be cool to do a study around certain current events and see if there is a connection. Also, what does the average person spend his time searching the web for?

TRY IT. its awesome!

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